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Different Types of Digital Payments You Can Get Through Pay. cc

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There is no doubt that the world is transforming towards becoming more digital in both aspects of life, be it professional or personal. People can now simply pay the bills for any of the goods or services just by using their mobile devices. A smartphone is all that is necessary since physical cards are fading away.

Adoption of the digital methods for high risk payment processing and cashless payment systems by businesses is increasing rapidly. Moreover, the number of alternatives and electronic payment methods of payments that customers use has increased significantly. Consumers who have started to use two or more modes of high risk payment processing are increasing.

So, what are some types of digital payments that you can through reliable service providers like Let's find out more about it in this article.

What Precisely Qualifies as a Digital Payment?

Digital payment methods refer to any mode of payment that takes place online. For instance, if you pay through online bank transfers, QR codes, in-app wallets, etc., then all these payments qualify as digital payments.

While physical cards debit or credit are cashless high risk payment processing methods, they are not digital. Since a lot of consumers tend to use digital payments, the opportunity cost for businesses to accept it would be huge.

Moreover, winning the consumer's confidence could be highly significant. And that is quite possible through offering ways to make digital payments. Here are some of the major digital payment methods that can be considered.

Applications for Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS)

Mobile point-of-sales applications usually work on smart devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and other wireless gadgets. Consumers can use this device to process payments anywhere. The mPOS systems have become quite popular in the last few years.

The application offers flexibility to navigate yourself with the devices and process the transactions wherever you need in both cases of mobile wallet payments and bank cards. Even business owners tend to show more flexibility when using wireless devices. This is because mPOS application devices acted as a savior during the COVID-19 pandemic

It allowed the consumers to make high risk payment processing while restricting human contacts at the checkouts. Thus, businesses like restaurants, retailers, etc. enjoy and gain benefits from this system the most. To go through the system application directly, the mPOS offers incredible features that enable businesses to email receipts and track inventories and sales.

Adopting the mPOS is easy if you choose service solution providers like They incorporate with variety of solutions that enable merchants to meet their needs. All in all, mobile point-of-sale applications are a more convenient and modern payment method.

Contactless Transactions

In this modern era, most of the businesses today are welcoming contactless payments. It has become a quite common phenomenon after the Covid-19 pandemic Therefore, consumers and businesses together are quickly moving towards contactless payment options as part of their standard practice.

The technology of Near-Field Communication (NFC) facilitates contactless transactions. With the NFC-enabled cards, it lets users carry out transactions through their mobile devices The businesses that are fond of accepting transactions through cards won't find it very different since the consumers will tap on them rather than swiping through them.

However, this can only be possible if your devices support and have the NFC technology otherwise you will have to buy a device or get access to it. Moreover, this technology works with both mobile wallets and credit card providers like Apple Pay and Android Pay which do not charge for transactions. They will just need your business to pay the fees for the high risk payment processing.

Payments Made With a Digital Wallet

Digital wallets are linked with the information of the debit or credit cards to make the transaction without even having the cards physically making it a virtual Master/Visa Cards. Millions of Americans use it to make transactions just because it is incredibly convenient.

User-friendly Interface and setup make the adoption of digital wallets easy. Moreover, almost every phone comes with a wallet. Even if you don't have a digital wallet, you can easily install one on your phone.

Your device would likely be accepting mobile wallet payments if you are already using mPOS systems that offer contactless transactions. Reliable service providers like feature several contactless solutions for new or enhanced solutions accepting mobile wallets.


Not all business owners and individuals must promptly set themselves up to accept the aforementioned digital payment methods. Preparing for changes whenever found necessary, can be beneficial by staying familiar with them. Moreover, finding a payment processor that is compatible with most of the popular digital payment methods in use currently is also advantageous. It will allow you to easily incorporate the changes in the world of online payment and ensure your business maintains a competitive edge.

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