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How can you help newcomers to World of Warcraft

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In any MMO, the main feature is the social aspect. Games are built in such a way as to direct players to interact with each other to complete complex raids, upgrade, exchange experience and equipment, organize guilds.

For example, having good equipment and a well-played team, you can help a beginner and organize mythic 15 carry so that he can see the difficult stages of World of Warcraft, get achievements and experience.

How can you help newbies:

  • Tips
  • Protection
  • Help with raids
  • Help with PVP
  • Help with PVE


One of the most important utility skills that a player can transfer to a player is knowledge. Practical experience that cannot be learned from patch notes and guides.

Suggest the best class and assembly. What quests are worth doing and why. Where to swing in order to minimally intersect with the enemy faction. What professions are worth paying attention to and why, and much more.

Give advice where you are asked - do not write and write guides to players who do not need them - they will not apply them, and you will just waste your time.

Tell the tips that the player can put into practice - what talents should be invested in and why, what raids should be prepared for, and most importantly, how to prepare the character at the leveling stage for the later stages of the game.

One of the biggest problems with MMOs is that a character can level incorrectly and collect bad equipment and not pay attention to earning money and reach the maximum level in equipment that will not be taken to raids and without money to upgrade it.


Starting from the early stages of the game, all players are faced with a key feature of World of Warcraft and its feature - the war between factions. And sooner or later, each player will face the enemy in the pumping zone. The meeting will not always be pleasant, especially if the enemy is much more level and has fun by playing on the nerves of new players.

In such situations, a cry for help goes on in the world chat, and strong representatives of the race go to the indicated place to deal with the offender. You can become one too.

For killing an enemy of equal strength, a special medal is given, collecting which you can exchange for PVP equipment, but they are not issued for killing weak opponents that are lower in level. Remember this.

Help with Raids

Raids remain the most interesting and most profitable content in the world of Warcraft, but not all players have the necessary equipment and skills to comfortably go through the game zone and get all the best rewards

In such situations, stronger representatives of the faction come to the rescue, who can provide newcomers with the passage of important raids, as an aid in mastering the game. Not always payment is even taken for this service, but there are players who want a financial reward for this service.

Help newbies and tell them about the raid system, what equipment is needed and why. Evaluate the equipment of a beginner, and give advice in which direction he should develop and why.

The main charm of MMOs is in the social aspect, further in the game world you will always find players who will help you if you yourself help others.

Help with PVP

Helping out in PvP means more than just defending against enemy faction representatives in the upgrade zones.

Strong players can help beginners in mastering the arena and take them to participate in 3v3 and 5v5 battles. In which players are given special arena coins for which they buy reinforced equipment with a bias in PVP.

The same is true in large-scale battles for land control. Destroying the enemy faction, the player will receive PVP coins, which are exchanged for improved equipment. Help newbies to open up in battles and tell them builds and skills that will help them in this.

Help with PVE

Help in PVE is not only about completing raids. Tell and show the best locations for resource extraction. Help develop talents and professions.

The main help for a beginner in any MMO is to help him avoid mistakes and pumping unnecessary skills, talents and professions that can cost him a character. Pumping the main character, although interesting, is not very pleasant in the later stages of the game.

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