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Why marketing attribution is the missing link in your business

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How you execute your marketing is a crucial factor in your business's success. This is why so many businesses turn to expert tools and processes to assist them.

But which ones are likely to give you the significant marketing boost you need?

The answer is simple - marketing attribution.

In this article, you'll learn why marketing attribution is the missing link your business needs to elevate your customer engagement and overall profit.

More than this, you'll also see how a superior call tracking software - such as call tracking with Mediahawk - can further boost this process.

What is marketing attribution?

Marketing attribution is a business process where you monitor and analyse all the levels of engagement across every area of your marketing.

This is often executed by creating customer journey maps to outline the specific paths of every customer through your marketing touchpoints. This includes the interactions within all of your marketing channels.

When conducting marketing attribution, a brilliant tool to aid in the process is call tracking software. This technology is used to provide in-depth analytics on every customer call - such as call length, ring duration, etc.

As well as this, your software will offer detailed reports and analytics on customer engagement throughout your business, and this data can be crucial in devising accurate customer journey maps.

You'll be able to see which of your marketing channels, including specific campaigns, are driving the highest levels of engagement, and where your most valuable leads and sales are being generated from.

With the right software helping you create an effective attribution process, you'll have a complete overview of your marketing performance, and how well customers are engaging with your business.

How can marketing attribution elevate your business?

Marketing attribution can be an essential component in boosting your business. It achieves this in many ways, including:

  • Refining your marketing content

Marketing attribution can help you refine the content you use in your marketing campaigns to make each one more engaging to customers.

Using your call tracking software, you can analyse the detailed reports to gain an overview on your marketing performance. You can observe which of your marketing campaigns are delivering the highest number of leads and sales.

You can then review these campaigns to see what type of message they include, as this would seem to be what draws in customers best.

By doing this, you'll know what type of content to include in any of your future marketing activities, to ensure you're consistently increasing your customer engagement, and boosting lead and sales generation with every successful campaign.

  • Effective monitoring of valuable prospects

Another way marketing attribution can benefit your business is through the way it helps you monitor your valuable prospects and leads.

Once again, the intricate analytics from call tracking software will greatly assist you in this area. You can add speech analytics to your software, which will not only transcribe every customer call, but also pick up on any relevant keywords from the conversation.

These keywords can be established by you, to identify things that significantly boost your overall understanding of customer engagement when communicating in a call.

Using this, you can identify words or phrases used by customers which allude to them making a purchase or having a strong interest in your services.

This will cement these customers as your most valuable leads, and you can then adjust how you interact with them to successfully convert them to a sale.

On top of this, you can analyse the journeys made by these customers to see which touchpoints they visited, so you're more aware of which areas in your marketing are likely to produce valuable leads.

Marketing attribution is the key spark you're missing in your business, but that doesn't need to be the case any longer. Develop your own attribution process, along with incorporating superior call tracking software, to reap the benefits of elevated marketing.

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