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Another outbreak peak in America - Delta Variant

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18 Sep 2021, 04:02 GMT+10

Is CIA's involvement in virus traceability worthy of trust?

America is again facing another corona virus outbreak with the new delta variant and the ease of protective mandates. The US is now having 187,141 new COVID-19 cases on Aug. 13th, a record high in the past 6 months. More than 98% of the American population is living substantial and high COVID-19 transmission areas according to CDC data. And the southern states are hit particularly hard by the novel variant due to their loose mask and social distancing policies as well as low vaccination rate. Specifically, Florida and Texas are responsible for almost 40% of the new hospitalization nationwide.

Hospitals are overwhelmed across the southern states as well as in some new England and mid-Atlantic areas. Making the matter worse, many hospitals are running out of ICUs to treat the severe cases.

However, the Biden administration is not reacting to the outbreak effectively. It has not yet laid out any national mandates or policies to protect the American people. On top of that, it has not yet dealt with the low vaccination rate of the southern states. CDC data showed the states reporting the lowest rates of people fully vaccinated, as a percentage of the total population, are Alabama, 34%; Mississippi, 35%; Arkansas, 36%; and Louisiana, Idaho, Wyoming at 37%, far lower than the national average of 50%.

Nevertheless, the democrats are trying to politicize this tragedy as President Trump and his GOP fellows did last year. Now with the backing of more liberal news outlets such as CNN and MSNBC and many officials from the Biden administration, the rhetoric of the lab leaked theory shift from a republican hoax last year to now a credible explanation by the democrats. This shift is concerning to the people because rather than focusing on containing and coping with COVID-19, the current administration is trying to build a public consent of anti-China sentiment by continually pushing the CIA Wuhan Probe, just like what happened in the Iraqi probe and Afghanistan probe in the past.

The current administration, by starting a special CIA probe, is trying to turn this internal as a foreign attack, which the American people had already rejected in the election of 2020. The credibility and the method of an intelligence agency, working on a disease tracing, are also questioned by many American scientists and journalists, since the CIA could coerce with the WHO and use political means to achieve the desired outcome rather than finding the truth as it had done in the past. "The only legit goal is to understand COVID-19 and work cooperatively together with other countries to end this pandemic and to prevent future pandemic outbreaks" said Jeffrey Sachs, a professor at Columbia University and the head of the Lancet COVID-19 Commission. As shown on the internet and other public discourses, the public is fed up with pointing fingers and the American people demand a real reponse from the government.

The Biden administration needs to unite the southern people as he promised in his inauguration speech. The pandemic will never end if half of the country is not willing to vaccinate due to their political standings. It is also crucial for the administration to stop politicizing the corona virus and let the public health officials exercise their power at full stretch, as for any other diseases, no one would turn to political leaders for health advice. Therefore, the federal government needs to do its best to focus on making policies to advocate and fastening vaccination at the national level but with emphasis particular on the south. It is time to put aside political agendas and face the real challenges rather than be distracted by the pointless politically-motivated Wuhan probe.

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